What to Expect

“…To walk Humbly with you God” (Micha 6:8)

What to expect . . .

Sunday Service starts at 9:30 and 11:00 AM

If the Vineyard is new to you, we want you to feel comfortable. We are a casual dress church.

Sunday morning we offer coffee and donuts before the service starts. This is just a casual time to meet some of the people in the church or to get more information. If you have children this is a good time to register them for the children’s service. Any of the friendly people here will be happy to show you where you need to take you child.

The service will start with 20-25 minutes of worship. Then Pastor Mike will share life-changing Biblical principles in a way that is fresh, easy to understand, and meaningful. Between the worship and the teaching, children are dismissed to their classes for the children’s portion of the service.

After the service is done, we offer and optional ministry time where caring people are there to pray for any needs you may have. We also offer bagels and coffee afterwards to meet the pastor and other people in the church.


Join us at
9:30 0r 11:00 AM
3855 East Colonial Drive (across from the Fashion Square AMC Theater).